Lawmaker Votes for Talking-While-Driving Law, Breaks Law, Causes Accident, Makes Us Chuckle a Little Bit

great_car_wreck.jpgWe’re filing this one under “cruel, humorous irony.” State Senator Carole Migden is a crusader for public safety, it would seem, voting for a measure to fine people for talking on their cellphones while driving, because that’s far more dangerous than, say, tuning the radio or eating, explaining why those activities are still perfectly legal.

Imagine how red-faced she must have been when she committed just such an illegal act, and how compounded that embarrassment must have been when that infraction led to an automobile accident. That’s so funny I can’t even make jokes about it.

Sweet Irony, how we love the ways in which you work.

Sen. Who Favors Cell Phone Ban Caught Using Hers [KUTV dot com]