LG Wine Phone Has Nothing To Do With Wine, Is Entry Level


It’s either a phone made for drunks or for people who pretend they’re fancy, like our very own John here. It’s the LG Wine phone (or the LG-SV300) and, aside from the picture of a wine bottle and glass on the phone’s screen, I cannot figure out why it’s called the Wine. The Prada phone makes sense, as does the Shine, and the Chocolate I can understand to a point, but Wine… yeah, I’m not sold quite yet.

This guy is more entry level than the fancier LG phones, with a 1.3-megapixel camera and a 2.2-inch display, due out later week in Korea. Here’s to an LG Bourbon or LG Rum.

LG strikes again with the Wine Phone ! [Akihabaranews.com]