Sprint Expands Unlimited Pilot Plans

Use Sprint to the MAXX? If you live in San Francisco, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Tampa, or Philadelphia (booh yah!), you’re now eligible to take part in Sprint’s unlimited plan trial. The unlimited plan costs $120 a month and gives you unlimited voice, texting, and data use. Need a PC card thrown in there too? For $150 you can get PC card access thrown in there are well. Some would call this a bit of a rip-off, but if you text a lot, send the occasional picture message, and talk on the phone a bunch, then it really isn’t that bad of a plan.

As of May 1st, Boost Mobile has also started offering similar plans. Texans and Californians can take advantage of the chirp’s all-inclusive plan, which should cost a similar amount. Too bad Sprint has terrible cellphone reception, or I’d be tempted to sign up for this.

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