Watermelon Zune Spotted

At a “recent press event”, a photographer managed to snap some pictures of the rumored watermelon-colored Zune. While a new colored Zune is about exciting as Bran Oats coming out in an exciting new off-brown color, what’s on the inside is the important thing to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, this is just the same old Zune, in a boring, ugly new color. Microsoft apparently thinks they’re going to break into the DAP market as major player by releasing new colors all the time. Though it works for Apple, it’s because Apple actually makes a decent audio player. If the Zune didn’t suck so much, maybe people would get excited over new colors. Anyways, the watermelon-edition Zune will cost $249 and is expected to drop this summer. Same lackluster features, same design. Keep moving along folks.

Watermelon Zune spotted in the wild [Electronista]