Pandora Still Hates Foreigners, But Is Now on Sprint and Sonos

Pandora, the U.S.’s favorite streaming music service, just launched two new products, Pandora for Sprint and Pandora for Sonos.

TC has most of the HOT SCOOPZ, but Pandora for Sprint will stream radio stations to Sprint handsets for $3/month after a 30 day trial. Pandora for Sonos lets you grab the goodies through the Sonos music system, which is definitely a plus for fans of that amazing service/technology.

TechCrunch is also reporting:

Pandora has also redesigned its website to better integrate the listening and community features. The company says they now have 6.9 million registered listeners who have played 4.7 billion songs and voted up or down half a billion times. They play 94% of their entire catalog every day, so they are dipping far into the long tail of music.

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