SoundTech LightSnake iChat USB Headset and Mic: Does Apple Know About This?


I’m sure you’ve heard of SoundTech before. It makes all sorts of audio-related cables and the like, the latest of which is the LightSnake iChat, a USB headset and mic that’s designed for everyday tasks like gaming and annoying your friends on Skype. A nice vanity feature here is “Live when Lit,” which causes the unit to flash wildy when it’s processing sound and glow when it’s simply powered up. I imagine you can pretend to be some sort of sci-fi hero with this, engaging acquaintance in conversation then marveling at its majestic glowing glow.

Bottom line, it’s a solid headset from a company that tends not to make junk. And since it’s a USB product in the year 2007, it works with Windows, save Vista, and Mac with no fussy drivers to install.

Product Page [SoundTech]