Guitar Hero 3 Details Announced


The upcoming Guitar Hero 3 is sure to be another hit in the franchise with all sorts of new features, ‘face-melting’ tracks, and controllers. The first time I played Guitar Hero I embarrassed myself and almost ran out of Best Buy crying. Anyways, the latest and greatest will be released on all major platforms with the addition of some downloadable content. A few of the key new features are multi-player battle mode, punishing boss modes and authentic rock venues. You can even go head-to-head with other ‘guitarists’ online and see who shreds better, nerds.

Instead of the crappy controllers of yesteryear you can rock out with Gibson Les Paul and Kramer guitars that will have interchangeable faceplates and new button colors. The Les Paul will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. The Kramer will be an exclusive for the PS2. Rock on! Now here are the real goodies. The first 11 tracks are hot, hot, hot and I know that’s what you want so hit the jump.

* Paint It Black (by The Rolling Stones)
* Cherub Rock (by Smashing Pumpkins)
* Sabotage (by Beastie Boys)
* The Metal (by Tenacious D)
* My Name is Jonas (by Weezer)
* Knights of Cydonia (by Muse)
* Rock And Roll All Nite (as made famous by Kiss)
* School’s Out (as made famous by Alice Cooper)
* Slow Ride (as made famous by Fog Hat)
* Cult of Personality (by Living Colour)
* Barracuda (as made famous by Heart)

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