SD Zabady Waterproof DAP: Shower Time Fun, Some Kind of Pun


I guess summertime in the North brings about an influx of waterproof gadgets. Japan’s latest is the SD Zabady from Twin Bird, a waterproof digital audio player that sticks to the basics in order to bring you, the customer, a pleasurable waterproof experience. Its built-in 128MB of storage is offset by the inclusion of an SD card slot, bringing its total capacity up to a more mainstream (and manageable) 2GB. It plays MP3 and WMA files, lasting around 18 hours per set of AAA batteries. The machine-translated text doesn’t reveal how far under water the Zabady can go, but the pictures seem to indicate that it’s more of shower-proof than submergible at any real depth.

This $130 player “drops” today of all days, the day that sees Liverpool face AC Milan in the Champions League final. A big “thanks for nothing” to ESPN2 for not showing the game in HD. It’s not like it’s a big game or anything, or the year 2007.

Product Page [Twin Bird via]