Sony Says Maybe To 80GB PS3 For U.S.


So what, Sony will sell an 80GB PS3 in South Korea starting next month. Big deal. What about those of us in the United States of America? Well, Sony just hinted that it’s considering selling the 80GB model here and elsewhere. Apparently Sony will decide whether or not to introduce the big boy in different markets on a market-by-market basis. Hence, we still see the 20GB PS3 on sale in Japan, while it was discontinued here and never even sold in Europe.

But is an extra 20GB worth the effort?

In these days of terabyte hard drives, 20GB almost rounds off to zero in my book. Conversely, the Xbox 360 Elite’s jump from 20GB to 120GB was substantial, if not unnecessarily expensive. Some gamers may love to hate Sony (it does seem to be the cool thing to do nowadays), but I hate to see it floundering like this. Those killer apps can’t come soon enough.

Sony may sell 80-gig Playstation 3 in US [AP]