Gadget Holster: Bring Out Your Inner "Nerdy Harry"


While I agree that pocket bloat is a problem that needs a solution, the gadget holster is not it. In short, it’s a belt that has a bag attached with pockets for your iPod, cellphone, memory stick, pride, virginity, etc. Not to sound all erudite, but didn’t we used to call these fanny packs?

For serious, this is worse than wearing your phone on your belt. And yes, wearing your phone on your belt makes you a douche.

And before you call me out in the comments, I know what you’re going to say: Here I go again, positing a problem without offering a solution. Well that’s the way I roll. What do you think we should do about this ever escalating issue?

Gadget Hip Holster [Think Geek, via Tech-e-blog]