Gmail Ups Attachment Size Limit

One of the reasons why e-mail still drives me nuts sometimes is the limit on file-attachment size. You’d think a service like Gmail would allow unlimited attachments right off the bat, right? Well Gmail doesn’t, though now it’s now offering a 20MB size limitation on all e-mails. This means you can start sending your friends those pesky 320kbps-encoded MP3s that peak juuusssst over 10MB. Sounds good to me.

Unfortunately, most other e-mail providers won’t allow gigantic attachments for delivery. Luckily, Gmail and Yahoo! do, so you should be fine for the most part. If your buddies or associates don’t have a Gmail account, make them get one! When Google starts allowing any size files to be sent via e-mail, that’s when I’ll be a happy camper.

Gmail Doubles Maximum Attachment Size to 20 MB [SolSie]