Measuring of Mobile TV Viewing

rentrak.jpgSo how many eyeballs are actually tuning in to the TV on their mobile devices? Rentrak has signed a deal with mobile TV provider Hiwire to find out reports mocoNews. According today’s post, Rentrak, a company that specializes in measuring TV viewing, will provide Hiwire with figures on just how many viewers of video programming and of video ads there are on mobile handsets today. Hiwire is a subsidiary of Aloha Partners, a company that is the largest owner of the 700 MHz spectrum in the U.S. The story adds that this information could help provide the U.S. TV networks with the data they need as they look at advertising possibilities on the mobile phone platform. This summer will see a trial launch of the service in Las Vegas, which Hiwire aims will allow for tracking of mobile TV viewership.

Companies Tie-Up To Measure Mobile TV Viewing; Will Metrics Ignite Mobile Advertising? [mocoNews]