Time, Place, Event: Segway's Sign of the Times


Last night, while getting mindjobbed by the season finale of “LOST”, my friend Paul told me about something great he found on the Interwebs. It’s a real photo of a Seattle yuppie lady taking her kid for a walk in a stroller, but she’s on a damned Segway scooter.

What is she thinking? Is she that lazy? I mean, I’m lazy, but c’mon! But man this is a sign of the times, is it not?

via Live Journal (shiver shiver)

Update: A couple years later, the real story has gotten out. Apologies all around; people like Melissa, who is a cancer survivor who lost a leg to treatment, are exactly who Dean Kamen was specifically thinking of when he designed the Segway, and it’s good to know that the device is getting to the people who need it. Thanks to Jason at Gizmodo and Josh (Melissa’s nephew) for cluing us in.