CrunchGear Really Exciting Edition: New Sanyo Spotted!

Hey Sprint users! I hear you guys get some really cool phones for your service. Like, ya know, the Sanyo Katana? That phone rules! There’s even better news though, ’cause guess what just showed up on the FCC’s website? It’s a new version of the Katana, complete with features like Bluetooth, a bigger external display, a 2.5mm headphones jack, and an internal antenna. Very exciting stuff. When’s the last time you got to touch an internal antenna?

The phone is the same thickness as the old Katana but the new one is 4mm shorter in height and 2mm shorter in width. How rad is that?! That means like, you can put it in your pocket with a Bic pen. So cool. No word yet on when this totally rad phone is coming out but Sprint users should start going to their local Sprint store everyday asking “Omg do u have the new Katana?” followed by a terrible Samurai pose. Ahhhh, Fridays.

New Sanyo Katana Spotted on FCC Site [Phonescoop]