EU Set to Investigate Google for Its Data Mining Operations


In a few separate maneuvers, European officials are beginning to look at Google and its hoarding of personal data. The European Union’s beef with Google stems from the search giant’s policy of keeping personal data of its users for two years. The EU wants to know just why Google needs to keep data for such a long time. Me, too.

A Norwegian group started investigating Google for similar “why are you keeping my personal info for so long” reasons.
See, the EU, unlike the Estados Unidos, does not allow data mining. Generally, you can’t connect two databases — addresses with lists of sex toy sales, for example — to pinpoint customers. This is a “good thing” as opposed to my cat getting credit card offers because I took her to PetCo once.

All this bad press about Google lately is kinda weird. Just a few years ago Google was God, doing no evil left and right. But go ahead, Google, mine my personal data. Hope you find gadget model numbers useful in your grand, evil scheme.

EU probes Google grip on data []