Forbes: 5 Cheapest PCs in the World, As Low as $85


Sometimes we talk about gadgets with the candor of rich European royalty. We can’t afford all the gadgets we want, and likely neither can you. Thankfully, manufacturers like to address the low-end as much as the high-end. And while the cheapest Macs might be going the way of Dakota Fanning’s likability, cheap PCs are here to stay, for good or bad.

Forbes has concocted a list in handy slide-show format of the 5 cheapest PCs you can buy right now, including one as low as $85. These computers redefine bare bones, and they’re not for most people. Indeed, these boxen are suitable for specific low-intensity tasks, like email kiosks, or even in-car data servers.

Or maybe you’re not just poor, you’re cheap, too. In any case, we can’t really recommend any of them, but maybe you’ll see something you like? Short of industrial uses, we can’t think of a reason to skimp this much.

Cheapest PCs in the World Right Now [Forbes]