HP Working On HDTVs With Direct Movie Buying

With more and more people buying HDTVs, demand for HD content is increasing ten-fold each month. While HP may not care about printers so much anymore, it’s definitely working hard in the television sector. A new concept called HDTV 2.0 is on its way and the technology isn’t far off to support it.

Essentially, the goal is for future HDTV sets to have an Ethernet or WiFi Internet link so that movies can be downloaded off the net and onto the TV’s internal storage device. Think of it like a media PC inside a TV. Consumers benefit from added comfort and usability, while corporations get to throw ads at you and directly market their products to you as a download for your TV. Companies like Netflix want this. The first sets should be out by years end, so keep an eye on HP.

HP developing HDTVs with direct movie buying [Electronista]