Locate and Control Your Whip From Anywhere


Before the glitz and glamour of the smartphones (I secretly hate) and other cool stuff (crap) I’ve embraced from the gadget/gear world I used to fuss around with cars. Say what you will about the Fast and The Furious hoopla from yesteryear, but modding Civic’s, Jetta’s, Golf’s and old 3-series Beemer’s was a lot of fun. Sure, I wasted a few thousand dollars on engine mods and stereo equipment, but it’s what I did and it’s no different than me wasting money on gadgets nowadays. I had a handful of friends whose prized possessions were jacked only to be found completely stripped and lifeless. If only they had this super-fantastique MFC to locate where the car was, shut off the fuel pump and lock-in those thieving bastards.

This particular MFC incorporates a lot of things that have been done to cars in the past including remote start, controlling locks and such, but the whole entire package is what attracts me to it. You have the ability to hop on your computer and check the exact coordinates of your car if it were stolen. Thinking ahead you could also set a script that syncs with your calendar to check for appointments and a few minutes before you’re supposed to leave it checks the temperature of where you need to go and depending on the temperature you have it set for the car starts up so you’re ready to jet down the highway without fear of damaging the engine. The possibilities are endless, folks. Or if you own a green Beetle like someone we know *cough*Biggs*cough* then I wouldn’t worry too much about it being stolen.

How to Install a Remote Control/Tracking System (MFC) in Your Ride [via MAKE]