Microsoft's Mystery Product: Game Table? Yah, Probably


Gizmodo’s got word that Microsoft will be releasing “something totally new coming out of the Entertainment and Devices division, and it’s going to change the way people interact with technology.” At first we thought it might be the watermelon Zune Phone, but then we started asking around. Three different internal MS worker bees mentioned it’s likely a game table.

No really, a table for playing video games. It’s partially a throwback to old tabletop arcade games the old-school pizzerias favored. But it also features touch-sensitive controls and multi-touch, much like the iPhone. Also expect xBox Arcade interoperability.

We saw a rough prototype when visiting Microsoft’s campus last year, and we weren’t that impressed. The proto we saw, though, didn’t have multi-touch as far as we know, so this could be much cooler. We guess we’ll see at midnight.

Top Secret Microsoft Product To Launch At Midnight [The Giz]