AT&T Stores Getting Less Than 40 iPhones For Launch

Oh noes! Have you been mowing lawns relentlessly, saving up for that $499 iPhone that’s about to come out? Well you better get your camping gear ready if you really want one, ’cause word on the (Wall) street is that AT&T stores will be receiving less than 40 iPhones each. Talk about a shortage. WR Hambrecht & Co. surveyed a ton of AT&T stores and found that iPhones are supposed to come in between June 15th and June 22nd.

Retail demand for the phone is extremely strong. It looks as if we’ll have another PS3esque camp out on our hands as consumers wait days and nights in a line for a chance to buy Apple’s debut phone. Come late-June, we’ll see the stampedes and fist-fights over the iPhone commence.

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