Good evening, folks. From here on out we’ll be posting the top three comments from the day for your enjoyment. My personal favorite came from Anton in regards to VV’s Longhorn Lives! post this morning. Keep on truckin’ because there are two more!

I think I got about 142 Kb downloaded before I realized “Wait a minute. I don’t want this.” Then I stopped the download and went about my day.

Next up is Rich’s jab at Linux’s failure over the weekend at the Indy 500 race.

Guess they had driver issues.

And wrapping things up is Dustin and his false accusations that we endorse piracy!

You’re kidding me, right? So now Crunchgear is just outright promoting software piracy? You know those files are, er /illegal/, right?

Yes, Dustin, we do endorse piracy.

Let’s do a little better tomorrow, folks. There might be a prize in it for you if one of you really makes me LOL.