Ezra Chatterton Gets A Phoenix

Last week, we discussed Ezra Chatterton and his World of Warcraft wishes. The boy got all he could ever ask for and the dudes in Blizzard really hooked him up with some cool gear. Now Blzzard is going one step further and is giving Ezra his very own Phoenix flying mount. Yeah, this kid went and got a friggin’ phoenix to fly around on without having to run some instance 600 times.

So what makes this Phoenix mount so special? I’d say a 310% speed increase does. That combined with the fact that Ezra owns the very first one makes this a prize he’ll never forget – especially since his middle name is indeed “Phoenix”. Absolutely wonderful to hear. Now that Ezra has gotten his loot, any way we can get one of those slick Phoenix mounts Blizzard?

The Phoenix Mount is indeed in game — with Ezra! [WoW Insider]