Sorry for the delay, folks, but I wanted to make sure I gave you all a chance to come up with something to really make us LOL. A few of you made me chuckle and I give you props for that. Keep it up everyone. There won’t be a prize today, but there will be tomorrow! The commenter who really, really makes us LOL will win a set of Rhino Skin iPod Shuffle Accents. I know the prize is minuscule, but we’ll see how this works out and we’ll up the ante next week. You could win a Belkin Wifi Skype phone. In any case, here are yesterday’s top three comments.

Ilya has been extremely diligent with all sorts of comments the last few weeks and last night was no different. Anyone who bashes on Microsoft is an automatic favorite in my book and the BTOD is funny in and of itself.

Not to worry, this will be ironed out in Table Pack 2

Flame one of our writers and you could win a prize. Jeremy sticks it to Matt, but in Matt’s defense he did give us awesome coverage on Palm’s Foleo. Jeremy, we try not to make fun of Matt because he does have psychological scars. Thanks for opening those back up for us, meanie stupid head. We’re on suicide watch, again.

Matt says something a bit off-color almost every time he writes. I think growing up with the last name “Hickey” must have resulted in deep psychological scars.

Url, how did you know that we’re open-source hippies? Who talked?! I know people, very bad people.

Of course they endorse piracy. They are open-source hippies.

Come back tomorrow for another exciting edition of Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar.