My, My What A Big Digital Picture Frame You Have

smartparts-inc-picture-fra.jpgNo one actually buys a digital picture frame for themselves, only as gifts. Case in point, this new one from Smartparts (which I’ve been reading as smartpaNTS for some time now), which features a comparatively large 15-inch LCD, considering most top off at 10 inches. The company is pitching the frame as the “King-Sized Digital Photo Frame for Dad” for Father’s Day. Because, you know, anything smaller would be emasculating and result in ridicule from friends and family.

The frame, made with solid birch, has a 24-bit display with a resolution of 1,024×768 and shows 16.7 million colors (seriously, that’s a decent laptop screen). There’s 256MB of flash memory built in, which also acts as an MP3 player using the built-in speakers. A card reader lets you go directly from camera to frame letting you shaft your computer from the entire experience and a wireless remote lets you quickly bypass any people you’d rather not see.

There was no pricing, yet, but Smartparts’ 10.4-inch frames sell for around $180, so expect this to be more than $200. Personally, I think it’s a waste of a perfectly good 15-inch LCD, but what do I know? I’m dead inside and have no children.