Rumor: Apple Prepping For Macbook Pro Update


All these Apple rumors need to stop because it’s giving me a headache or maybe it’s because I’m hungover. I’m not really sure which is causing the nausea I’m feeling, but there is another rumor flying about and you may have heard about it once or twice. When will the Macbook Pro line be updated? The Macbook’s were upgraded just last month and it’s been quite a while since anything has happened to the MBP. But this rumor might hold some water because there are some hard facts to back it up.

UPDATE: Read on for an update on this rumor.

An industry source let slip that production on the current MBP’s has been ramped down and the opening of Apple’s outlet store is making people think crazy thoughts. There was also an e-mail with the subject line “Setup info for new SKUs” that was sent out to US distributors with a slew of changes. Apparently the shipping weight for the 15- and 17-inch models have changed quite a bit. The 15-inch has shed 0.4 pounds while the 17-inch model is at an even 11 pounds from its previous weight of 11.6 pounds. Of course the e-mail has not been verified and it’s reported that a second e-mail was immediately sent out stating that it had been a ‘mistake.’ We don’t want to do anything to send Apple’s stock plummeting or anything because that would really suck.

So the question now is will we see an update of the MBP with Intel’s latest chipset, Santa Rosa, and LED displays at WWDC? Maybe they’ll finally kill off FireWire 800 and move to eSATA? Who really knows at this point, but we’ll find out in less than two weeks.

UPDATE: The update may be coming sooner than WWDC. The Back-to-School Program is starting back up on June 5 and it doesn’t make much sense to update the line a week into the promotion, right?


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