Welcome to another edition of Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar. You guys did great yesterday and here are the top three comments that made us LOL. We have no way of knowing who the winner is because he/she didn’t leave a valid e-mail address, but here’s what they had to say about the iPhone drought. So, the winner for today’s contest is Matthew who actually posted his witty comment in the same post. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

I ordinarily wouldn’t put a comment in a stupid blog but your behaviour is so infuriating Steve Jobs, I have to.

Steve: This is a promise. I will do everything possible to see that justice prevails and that you face criminal prosecution for robbing me. You, Larry and if she was complicit, Gina. You dirty f*cking @ssholes.

I guarantee you: you will face Federal charges for filing perjured patent applications with the USPTO, and Matt Powers and his crooked shithead partners at WG&M who have been conspiring with you will face prosecution under the RICO statutes.

I will help Motorola and Palm and RIM and VerizonWireless and Sprint and any others who are being irreparably harmed by your criminal activities centering on, but limited to the iPhone, to obtain an injunction against your sale of the iPhone.

It’s a big world Steve. Not everyone is on your side. And though you can buy many to help you commit your crimes, there are people out there who cannot be bought. I for one have never cared about money. Hence, I will not rest until you are brought to justice.

Gina Smith, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, Steven Rizzi, Stephen D. Kahn, you f*cking well know who I am.

I’m going to get you!!!!

“iPhone Draught“?

Is that the strong alcoholic beverage you have to drink to think that a locked-down $600 phone is a good idea?

And claiming the bronze medal is Url and the questions he had about the internship position.

Do we get to party with hot topless girls? That would be my first and really only requirement. The pay would be secondary.

And that’s php and not phd? It’s the thing that starts with

We do get to party with hot topless girls! We have kegs and exotic dancers at CrunchGear HQ.