Bonfire Skull Crusher Beanie Review


I realize Summer is upon us and that I’m reviewing a beanie. I’m sitting in my apartment sweating profusely and I don’t like it at all, but it’s not every day I get to review a gadget from a company in my home state of Oregon.

The Bonfire Skull Crusher Beanie is the straight dope and if it wasn’t for an unfortunate snowboarding accident on Christmas day of 2004 I’d be taking this up to the mountain with me. The Skull Crusher Beanie has built in headphones from Skullcandy and for something so simple it really delivers on the goods. My only complaint other than the color of the review unit I received, which was “Blossom” is the single wire in the back that connects the two headphones. I’m just picky and little things like that annoy me, but it doesn’t take away from the product itself. Surprisingly the beanie fits my head pretty well and I don’t look like I have a condom on my head which is what it usually looks like when I wear a beanie. And the plush fleece lining feels so good.

The sound coming through the ‘phones is more than enough to get you down the mountain jonesin’ for another run. What’s really cool about these Skullcandy headphones is the “thump” feature it has. The easiest way to describe this is to compare it to those ghetto bazooka subwoofers you can buy at G.I. Joes for really cheap. I guess you don’t have G.I. Joes on the East Coast…bummer. Anyways, the “thump” is a bass boost type of feature, but it vibrates at the same time. It’s actually pretty cool and I really like it. So don’t think I meant to say that it’s ghetto like the bazooka ‘woofers. The control unit allows you to turn the “thump” on or off, adjust how much brain rattling you want and it has a clip so you can put it wherever you like.

Overall, the Skull Crusher Beanie from Bonfire was a pleasant surprise and if you’re looking for a high quality beanie with built-in ‘phones than you really can’t go wrong with them. But in this case I’m being partial because the beanie actually fits my noggin and looks good on me. They retail anywhere from $40 to $80 and they’re available now. Yeah, I know it’s Summer, but you can still shop around for snowboarding gear.

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