LG Tacks On Free Insurance For Prada Owners


Someone at LG must be on the sauce because this makes no sense at all. The SK mobile phone giant will be giving 60,000 Prada owners free insurance totaling up to $215 and what’s even crazier is the fact that it covers the phone even if you break it. If you decide to run over it with a car or throw it out a 20 story building you’re still covered and this is outside of the regular warranty!

So, why such a crazy move that is so unusual and unheard of in this particular industry? The Prada is a high-end handset, you see, and LG just wants to prove its worth by putting up the money to prove it. Since its May 15 launch in SK, the Prada has sold 25,000 units with 100,000 sold worldwide. We’re still waiting.

LG Offers Free Insurance for Prada Phones [Chosun Ilbo]