Melt Umbrella: Not Only is it Better, But it's Environmentally Friendly


Of all the everyday gadgets out there, doesn’t the umbrella really need an update? Every time it rains in New York, you see people with gigantic umbrellas knocking other people over, people with $5 umbrellas struggling to keep them from exploding, etc. So this here “Melt” (itsaconceptsueme) attempts to reinvent the umbrella. Rather than dealing with springs and hooks and so forth, Melt uses an “intuitive tension system” that sort of shoots the umbrella open when engaged. Something like that.


As an added bonus, Melt is environmentally friendly. The umbrella part is made of biodegradable material and seeds are stored in the handle. You might want to leave all this hippie nonsense out of your description if you want to market it to us jerks, though.

“Melt”, Sustainable Umbrella [Yanko Design]