Rumor: Nintendo Launching HDD For Wii at E3


Today is just chalk full of rumors isn’t it? Everyone is milling around the water cooler talking about the iPhone, so it’s time to look elsewhere for some juicy news/rumors.

This one should make Wii owners happy, but not John, he hates the Wii. Nintendo is rumored to be showing off some new hardware at E3 and all signs point to an HDD. The fanboys are screaming for more storage seeing as how the Wii only contains a paltry 512MB of internal storage. So, what started up this rumor? The announcement of Neo Geo games being added to the VC are the main culprit. When games get up to 330MB or something in that neighborhood you better believe Nintendo will get off their laurels and come up with something to satisfy the Wii fans.

Wii hard drive on the way? [Go Nintendo]