TomTom Go 720 Has User-Editable Maps


TomTom’s got another portable GPS device in the woodworks. It’s the TomTom Go 720, made especially for the U.S. and Canadian markets. It’s a typical GPS device with all the features that are becoming more standard by the day, including a 4.3-inch touch screen and basic multimedia playback options. But the Go 720 does do one thing a little differently: it allows users to collaboratively improve the included maps.

If there’s a city street feature that’s not reflected in the built-in maps, say, a building was just torn down or a road was just blocked off for a long term job, you note that change on the unit. Then, when using TomTom Home, all such alterations are then reflected on the unit itself. Smart, TomTom, and a neat way to differentiate your product from some of the other GPS units out there.

The TomTom 720 should hit stores by the end of July, giving you just enough time to scrounge together enough coin to snag one for yourself. What you’ll actually pay, we don’t know yet.

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