Verizon To Shut Off Amp'd Mobile?

With Amp’d Mobile filing for Chapter 11 protection and owing Verizon a lot of cash, things in the future could not get any worse for the dying MVNO. But I suppose Verizon threatening to shut off your network, effectively slowing your business to a grinding halt, is a bit worse. Verizon recently asked Amp’d to cough up $4.5 million within 10 days or face a shut off. When your company doesn’t have $4.5 million to pay off a debt with, you know it’s months away from shutting down.

Verizon seems to be sick of playing the role of debt collector, so in the next few days, Amp’d customers could see a possible shut off. What got Amp’d into this mess in the first place? A lot of the trouble is attributed to non-paying, delinquent customers who signed up for 18-month contracts. A true shame. Maybe Amp’d just wasn’t cut out for the MVNO world.

Verizon Threatens To Shut Off Amp’d [Phone Scoop]