Mobile Video Watchers: Stand and Be Counted


Nielsen, the media monitoring company famous for letting Alf stay on the air as long as it did, is now measuring mobile media eyeballs and boy is it getting some juicy info. For starters:

Eight million persons 12 and older viewed video on their mobile phone (this excludes videos created with a phone’s camcorder function)

Now, while I’m no Luddite, I find this quite hard to believe. The only way this could be possible is if this allowed for any video, hacked video dragged off the desktop included.

Why am I so concerned with these statistics? Because I’ve seen lots of services out there for video and streaming audio, but I’ve never actively seen anyone use them and, given their pricing, I’d be surprised at even a 1 million subscriber uptake at any one of the carriers. In general, mobile video is ready to go but I don’t think it’s a generally accepted subscription add on. What do you all think?


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