Segway Finally Aids Law Enforcement

Love it or hate it, the Segway does allow you to move a bit quicker than the average human. So it makes perfect sense why law enforcement and college campuses across the nation have chosen the Segway as the security personnel carrier of choice. Last Thursday however, the Segway received instant respect from the Long Beach Police Force.

Officer Jose Miguez was patrolling the streets on his Segway when he saw a group of teenagers driving a Mercedes-Benz out of a Burger King. Suspicious and standing 9-inches higher than normal, Miguez wheeled over to investigate and discovered one of the youth wearing a black leather glove. The teens floored it when confronted and Miguez pursued the thieves on his Segway. Two blocks later, they ditched the car and were later apprehended thanks to both Officer Miguez and his Segway. So the next time you get caught by campus security for underage drinking, don’t even think about trying to run.

Long Beach cops boast first Segway-borne bust [The Register]