Sony Odo Concepts

Recently, Sony showcased a range of concept products it’s been working on that don’t require batteries or AC power. For instance, the Spin ‘N’ Snap camera is powered by hand. You pop in your fingers, spin it, and it generates enough juice to power the camera. Seems like it could be pretty handy for people who enjoy camping, love the outdoors, or hate batteries.

Also shown was the Push Power Play device. Drag this gadget across a table to power it and sit back and enjoy a movie. You can watch video and look at images without the need for an external power source. Too bad these are currently only concept products, because I’d love to cut back on using batteries. Maybe one day we’ll see a VAIO completely powered by feet or something equally ridiculous. But then the foot-powered dynamo would explode and then we’d all be in trouble.

Sony concepts need no batteries [Ubergizmo]