Wii Outsells PS3 5 to 1 in Japan: Its Momentum is Palpable


As if you needed any more confirmation on just how great the Nintendo Wii is, the latest Japanese sales numbers show a 5 to 1 advantage in terms in consoles sold compared to the PS3. Again, this doesn’t mean that the Wii is any better than the PS3, but it does show that Nintendo’s gamble of tapping into the non-gamer market is paying off. (Compare that to the PS3 where you need to take out a loan just to afford the thing.)

And as they say in the biz, it’s the games, stupid. Sony has no exclusives for the PS3 (yet) that people are desperate to play, so they see no reason to spend all that coin on the system. And, anecdotally speaking, people who I know who hate all things video game are even picking up the Wii.

But I’m sill getting by with my PS2, thank you very much.

Nintendo Wii outsells Sony PS3 5-fold in Japan [Reuters]