Crumpler Beer For Bags Part Duex

Last Year’s Raging Party

Alright, folks, the time is near and I’m getting mighty thirsty. If you’re in NYC between June 9 and June 17 then I suggest you mosey on over to one of the two Crumpler stores and participate in this kickass event. I participated last year and it was awesome! How do you think I scored my Crumpler bag? You will not be disappointed, trust me.

What’s better than trading in beer for a sweet bag? Oh, I don’t know. How ’bout coming back at the end of the week to party with the Aussie Crumpler crew and drinking the beer you brought in for your bag? (Aussies can really drink in case you didn’t know, so bring in lots of beer.) Tell all your friends and, hey, you can pick up a bag for your old man, too.

Crumpler Beer For Bags