Google Reader On The Go

Well, well, well. I finally know what I can do with Google Gears and it makes me feel funny deep down inside my pants. Get your head out of the gutter! My ankle itches, you perverts.

Anyways…back to Google Gears and the amazing things it can do when you’re stranded without an Interwebs connection. It’s THE perfect solution for people who have to travel and rely on their laptop and the Internet to survive in this crazy world. OK, not really, but it’s a start. For example, you can refresh your Google Reader feeds before leaving for work or whatever it is that requires you to leave your abode and voila, all your gossip and news is right there in front of you. It’s simple to use, you see. Just install Google Gears and click the “offline” link and you’re set to go.

Feeds on a plane! [Google]