Leaked Interal AT&T Docs Point to More Collaboration With Apple


Talking points make the world go ’round and, somehow, that Boy Genius obtained internal AT&T documents detailing the wireless provider’s game plan for the iPhone and beyond. Most of the document is simply rehashed stats and specs and marketing speak, but there are a few morsels of information for us to devour. Shall we?

Firstly, the language in the document reveals that the iPhone is just the first product that Apple and AT&T will work together on—””the first of these products is the iPhone….” You don’t say. What else is in the works, Apple?

The second one that piqued my interest was that, while new and existing AT&T customers can purchase an iPhone, only those with a “qualified service plan” need apply. And what exactly is a “qualified service plan”? Does that mean that people will have to purchase an iPhone-specific plan in order to snag the gadget, ’cause that’s surely what it sound like? (Hey, there’s got to be some way to pay for all that improved infrastructure AT&T has been implementing recently.)

Again, not a whole lot of shiny new info here, but enough to keep the rumor mills churning for a little while longer. What exciting new synergies can we expect from the two companies? Something that will create another six-month long cycle of rumors and heresay, that’s for sure.

Full document (PDF) via The Boy Genius Report