Sony Updates Bravia Line, Completely Ignores Bratwurst Line


Sony, in a surprisingly bold move, released some LCD televisions last night to an ravenous audience. The two models, the brushed metal W3000 and the glass-framed XBR4 and XBR5, have full 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 120Hz frame rate.

The W3000 comes in 52-,46-, and 40-inch sizes and includes upscaling/cleaning software for nasty input sources. This technology, which Sony apparently calls Digital Reality Creation-Multifunction v1.0 (DRC-MF v1.0), works by “converting common standard definition signals like DVDs and non-HD broadcasts to better match the television’s capabilities.” The W3000 series starts at $2,700.

Then you have the XBR line. This is essentially the same as the W line but with more cowbell. For example, Digital Reality Creation-MultiFunction v2.5 — I didn’t make up these names, don’t look at me — upconverts 720p video to 1080p. This line also has removable bezels that come in Scarlet Red, Pacific Blue, Arctic White, Sienna Brown, Titanium Silver, Midnight Black, Rose Metallic, and Champaign Gold. That’s right. Sony can’t spell champagne.

These start at about $3,000 and top out at $5,000. They come in 52-,46-, and 40-inch sizes.

All of the TVs are compatible with Sony’s BRAVIA Internet Video Link, a kind of media extender that only works with Bravias. It lets you bring down web content straight to your TV, kind of like the PS3 should have on launch.

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