Sprint Now Offering GPS-based Shopping

Too wrapped up in the Burberry store to even notice the new YSL store a block down? Sounds like you love to shop. Sprint users can get the one up on the hottest deals by giving its new Slifter service a try. Slifter is a GPS-based way to shop via your mobile phone. It’ll track your location and recommend you places near your current location. You can also search for stores by both name and product, which is pretty useful.

This oddly-named service should be useful for women and men who enjoy shopping outdoors on a beautiful day as opposed to teenagers roaming the mall looking for the Orange Julius. Plus, you can save previously made searches should you want to find that gem of an outlet store. The service will be available for select phones and will cost $2 extra a month. A small price to pay in the world of retail.

Sprint adds GPS-based shopping to phones [Electronista]