Sprite Yard Launches as Mobile Social Networking Site

sprite.jpgAs a soft-drink brand Sprite hasn’t been quite on the cutting edge of rivals such as Mountain Dew, but the beverage has taken the leap to the always-on mobile community, with a mobile-based social networking site called “Sprite Yard.” This site, which is set up with modules divided into six areas, acts as a mobile portable for users to connect with friends, share photo and browse a variety of content. These include sections such as “Shouts,” which is an SMS messaging system, while “Nuggets” is a storehouse of digital mobile content including ringtones, mobisodes of the lemon and lime characters, and other downloadables.

Sprite Yard went live in China on June 1 and will launch in the U.S. on June 22, with a roll out to other countries next year.

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