Tomb Raider: Anniversary On Its Way to Xbox Live?


Next Gen, the online magazine that used to be a dead tress magazine I used to read because it didn’t use hyperbolic language to describe video games, reports that Tomb Raider: Anniversary, a remake of the original game, may well be on its way to Xbox Live as a downloadable game. It cites a recent ESRB listing on the organization’s Web site that shows the game was rated (and will presumably be released for) five systems, one of which is the Xbox 360. Why, exactly, Next-Gen automatically jumps to the conclusion that it’ll be released onto Xbox Live as a downloadable game is unknown.

The game’s been getting good reviews, with the flawed but still useful GameRankings score currently at 81 percent. Though, I suppose, good or bad, XBL users are always thirsty for new content.

Downloadable Lara Heading to Xbox 360? [Next Gen]