Update: Mysterious 12th Application Disappears From iPhone


Apple reedited one of the iPhone videos to eliminate the so-called mystery application that had everybody talking these past few days. Once again, it’s Macenstein that points out that the 12th icon from the “How To” ad has disappeared, leaving us with the 11 icons that we all know and love. (Though, for whatever reason, 12 icons are still present in the “Never Been” video. Someone call Clouseau.)

While it’s fun and all to speculate that Apple noticed the faux pas and didn’t want anybody to know its dark Secret Plans, several folks have surmised that one of the commercial artists simply thought 12 icons looked better than 11. Not only is that entirely possible, but it’s such a buzz kill to the millions of iPhone hopefuls that expected a new and amazing app to be announced.

Apple re-edits iPhone commercials due to controversy: Removes “mysterious 12th icon” [Macenstein]