WWDC Banners Reveal Secrets

Some crafty photographer over at Roughly Drafted managed to get some key shots inside the WWDC conference before it’s even started. Inside, there are some banners that say “Welcome to WWDC07 Expand your universe.” and “Mac OS X Leopard Rocket fuel for your apps.” Clearly this means that OS X Leopard will be the star of this year’s WWDC. In addition to Leopard, new iMacs, Mac Pros, iPods, Speakers, USB cables, and Mac Minis will all be announced at the conference. Why? Because I said so and these banners are my proof.

See how the one trippy banner that says “Expand your universe” is extremely long? Ummm… That means that any product that is big will be updated. This excludes the iPod and Mac Mini, but definitely includes the Mac Pro and USB cables. Plus, look closely at the planets and stars printed on the banner. One is blue, which is the color of OS X’s default wallpaper. Does this mean we could see a new wallpaper in OS X? Absolutely. The stars indicate that Steve Jobs will breakdance to a remix of Ella Fitzgerald while he introduces some of the new Leopard features. WWDC is almost here kids. Stop worrying about the rumors and let the event unfold.

WWDC 2007 Photos [Roughly Drafted]