Camouflage Hummer HT1 Cellphone: Let's Be Reckless


Finally, a cellphone for people like me who don’t give a damn about the environment and spend their free time burning rubber tires for fun. It’s the Hummer HT1 and it comes in a few choice colors. The best is the camouflage since it evokes all the emotions and instincts that make being an alpha male fun, like sneaking up on enemies and acting before thinking. It’s the type of behavior that nature rewards, really.

Its 2.2-inch touchscreen is buoyed by only the most standard of features, such as a 2-megapixel camera, a microSD slot, and GPRS support. So that makes the second cellphone in as many days bearing a fancy car company’s name. Do I smell a trend developing?

Hummer HT1: The Governator’s Dream Phone [Yahoo! Tech/The Techie Diva via Textually]