JVC Unveils World's Largest HDTV

Football fans can rejoice knowing that there is now an even bigger screen to watch Tony Romo fumble on. Now you can experience failure on a 110-inch rear-projection screen of awesomeness thanks to JVC. This $53,000 TV set hasn’t hit the US yet and probably won’t be hitting your local Circuit City anytime soon considering it’s only in Japan at the moment. The set includes all the usual HD hookups for 1080p goodness, including HDMI, Component, D4, S-Video. It also features an ethernet and Firewire port so you can view pictures of Aunt Selma’s birthday party on the big screen.

Oh yeah, good luck bringing this behemoth into your house. It weighs a staggering 730 pounds. That’s like carrying eight Nicole Richie’s through your front door. Plus it’s three feet deep and eight feet wide. I wouldn’t even know where to put this thing. Some would call this set overkill. I call it “out of my budget”.

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