LED Swing Full Of Cheap Thrills

BCXSY has created a swing it’d love you to see. It’s an LED swing that lights up at night to create a soothing ambient glow that probably (in designer speak) “creates an atmosphere of calm for the child”. Yeah, fantastic. How about you install four of these swings at an inner-city park and watch them get destroyed in a matter of hours? Or better yet, install them in a park in the suburbs and watch some 5-year-old get an ass full of broken glass. Great idea.

The swing is made from acrylic-glass, rope, SMD LED lighting, and some press-switch mechanism. Not really sure what the last item is, though I’m guessing a switch to turn on the LEDs or something like that. Either way, cool idea, but certainly not practical. Unless you consider broken, smashed swingsets made out of glass practical. Maybe now is a good time for me to start work on that Faberge Seesaw I’ve been thinking of making…

LED Swing [Treehugger]