More PSP Slim Information Revealed

It’s no surprise that Sony has considered and was probably working on a new version of the PSP. Whether a complete overhaul or just a re-design, one thing is for sure: Sony is up to something. Kotaku reports that the new PSP will feature a slimmer design, a bright new LED screen, and a faster UMD drive. There will also be 8GB of internal flash memory to make downloading content, new applications and features much easier.

Word is that there will also be a completely redone d-pad to make gamers feel more comfortable. While I didn’t find much wrong with the original design, I can see why Sony chose to redo the d-pad. Right now, the company is on the fence about whether to include a camera. It’d certainly jack up the price of the console with costs to add one, but the reward is a sweet one. That’s about it for now. Expect to see a re-designed PSP drop this fall during Q3.

PSP Slim Details Revealed [Kotaku]