OS X Leopard To Be Animated OS

Alright, I’m not diving that far into this, but here’s the deal: WWDC is approaching, Jobs will speak about OS X Leopard, and will most likely unveil the “top secret” features Apple has kept under wraps. But these secrets could blow away the idea of an operating system as we know it. See, the next incarnation of OS X might be animated is what I’m trying to tell you and it’s making us all very excited.

The secret sauce is Apple’s Core Animation. Powerful just like Quartz (Apple’s Quartz that is), Core Animation will allow programmers and developers to really do some amazing visual stuff, which in turn will change the way programs for OS X are made. Leopard is said to have a few nice APIs to develop with and that they’ll end up “changing the way programmers think”. Sounds groovy, Apple. Get a move on and unveil those top secret features already.

Kiss Boring Interfaces Goodbye With Apple’s New Animated OS [Wired]